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Welcome to “Healing for Evolution”. My name is Michael and I have created this site to give you information on the work I do, the techniques I use and some background information on myself. Please take some time to explore my site. If you feel that you resonate with the information provided here and would like to experience a private healing session or become a Reiki practitioner drop me a line (see “Contact & Hours”) and let’s begin that dialogue. My studio is located in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

The following information is a summary of the philosophy that motives me to do this work. I believe that we live in unprecedented times. Our world is transforming radically. We are seeing previously unimaginable shifts in our social, political, scientific and economic structures. Underlying these changes are the shifts that we are making inside on the emotional, mental and spiritual planes. These are energetic shifts that have the power to transform our world beyond our wildest dreams.





I believe that we as a tribe, the human tribe, are experiencing growing pains. As a species we are contributing to the destruction of our planet and in the process destroying the habitat that supports us. We are at a critical juncture on our evolutionary journey as a species. We have arrived at a bifurcation point. This means that our species can go one of two ways. We can go the way of extinction or we can choose to go the way of evolution.

It is very clear to most everyone on the planet that our environment is shifting. Climate change is a documented fact. Of this fact there is no dispute however why it is occuring is a source of much controversey. We see evidence of it everywhere…floods, fires, monster storms, famine, melting polar ice, drought, earthquakes, volcanoes, and countless other environmental indicators. History teaches us that when an environment shifts, the species within it have to adapt to survive.

As much as we as humans would love to believe otherwise, we are in fact just another species existing within an environmental system upon which we depend for our existence. If we have no water, we become extinct. If we lose our ozone layer and are exposed to outer space, we run out of air and become extinct. It’s no secret that we’re having water shortages, the ozone is being destroyed, species of plants and animals are going extinct daily and millions of humans are dying from starvation. These are issues which directly affect everyone’s existence on this planet whether they believe it or not.



Anyone can see that climate change is already in motion. Based upon historical models, Science tells us that we are due for and about to experience a major climatological shift. We see it already and this is not an energy that we can just stop in a day or even at all. Climate change happens slowly. Some of the effects that we are seeing today are a result of our actions from years ago. Planetary time does not move at human time. If we were to magically stop every single thing that we are doing to destroy our environment right now, we would not see the effects from that until several years or a decade from now. The process really is that large in scale.

In addition to the changes that our rapid overpopulation and subsequent decimation of the planet are causing, there are the natural cycles of change occurring. Our planet is constantly evolving and has for billions of years. There is a natural heating up of the planet that occurs over eons until it reaches a breaking point then a radical shift into an ice age occurs to cool things down and then the cycle begins again. This process has occurred repeatedly in Earth's history and will re-occur with or without humans.

Just like when our physical bodies are wounded, for healing to occur it takes time. We have to clean the wound (physically or energetically) and allow it the time to heal (like an “Ice Age”). Our environment is the same way (as above, so below). Because it is such a massive energy system which will not stop evolving as long as this planet exists, we can ultimately do nothing to stop its evolutionary movement because evolution is the nature of all things.  The nature of Nature is to transform. This means we must do likewise as a species. We must evolve and transform to survive.

At the physics level, it takes a large amount of energy for a species to evolve and that is typically triggered by crisis which prompts the DNA to mutate. It’s important here for us to remember that ultimately each of us is part of our species attempt at survival. We inhabit bodies which are the result of millions of years of evolutionary workings of DNA. The key difference however is that we are the first species which is self-aware and that has the ability and technology to recognize that we are the result of evolution. We are the first species that is therefore capable of "Conscious Evolution".

By understanding our history, we can see patterns which reoccur throughout time. These cycles are part of the evolutionary workings of our planet. Our planet is ultimately the one whose evolutionary journey we are on. If we are able to step out of our egoic self-awareness and place ourselves as equals within the planetary system that we inhabit, we will see that we are just another link in the evolutionary chain of planet Earth. We have to step past the religious myth which has been presented to us as a way to explain the unexplainable mysteries of life and see ourselves as a part of the larger whole and not superior to it. In this "oneness" we can make consciously informed decisions and help our species and planet evolve and survive.

Science teaches us that when a species evolves, it evolves slowly over millions of years and then it reaches a point where an evolutionary leap or transformation occurs. It's how homosapiens evolved from prehistoric man and animals. These leaps always occur during a crisis period (for example radical climate change). Remember when the environment shifts, those that survive within it are the ones who can adapt. In this case it is survival of the most prepared. It’s not about who has the biggest muscles, longest missiles, highest intelligence, superior beauty or largest bank account. It’s about the survival of the species. We must learn that our survival is not dependant upon overpopulation but rather upon conscious evolution to transform ourselves and the way we live.



The thing to remember about a “species” is that it is just a physical manifestation of the energetic consciousness of that species. The DNA strands which join at conception and which ultimately grow into each of us is the holder of that energetic frequency for the consciousness of our species. Science has unlocked many of the mysteries around DNA. By studying our genetic code we can trace our evolutionary journey as a species. By comparing our DNA to that of other species we are able to see the genetic wanderings and mutations of DNA. With this information, we can begin to comprehend on an intellectual level how life evolved from single-cell paramecium to the complex life-form that we call human.

Ultimately all species, all planets, all galaxies, everything in existence evolved from and is therefore still part of one energy, the Creative life-force (God, zero point energy field, the Divine, The Universe). Each manifestation of that consciousness is an experiment in evolution. Each experiment in turn informs that consciousness as to what works and what does not work by its mere existence within the field. In order for a species to reproduce and grow as ours has, it takes the merging of energy from a male and female of the species to create another of the species. Unfortunately the unregulated over-production of more humans is what has caused us to so rapidly deplete our planetary resources.



While it is true that we are part of a species, it is also true that we are part of the consciousness of that species. Consciousness is an unmanifest intelligent energy field. Just like the physical manifestations, this consciousness is evolving as well. Our consciousness, or our self-awareness as an entity that is separate from nature, is our ego. Our egoic nature fools us into believing that we are separate and (unfortunately) superior to all that is. It causes us to believe that we are not connected to that which created, sustains, guides and finally reclaims us. That sense of separation is the root cause of all the troubles we currently face as humans.

Simultaneous to our participating in the evolution of our species we are also participating in the evolution of our personal consciousness. While they may seem separate, they are in fact one and the same and occur simultaneously. The species evolves based upon the information received through its environmental sensors which in our case is each of our bodies and our senses. When enough of the parts of any entity begin to change, the entity reaches "critical mass” and larger scale change can occur for the entire species. We are nearing that critical mass point and as we each independently raise our awareness through raising our vibrational frequency, we contribute to the evolution of our species. It’s a powerful time to be alive because of that. Taking an evolutionary perspective on history, we see that we are at a point in the cycle of time for an evolutionary shift to occur. With the rapidly increasing climate change and the current state of world events, it's easy to see that something big HAS to happen very soon. We simply can not continue to exist in the world our current consciousness has left us in.

So how do we go about raising our vibrational frequency to help evolve our consciousness? One method is to consciously bring the grounding Earth energy in through our root chakras. Rather than expressing that energy only through our lower chakras (the first, second and third), we must raise that energy up into the higher charkas. By recognizing and understanding these energy centers within our energy bodies we can manifest through them. What we are able to manifest in our lives is limited only by our beliefs (the composite of our thoughts and experiences).

For most of us, we live in “victim mentality”. We believe that because of our past (things that happened to us and things that we did) we are not worthy or capable of unconditional love. In truth, we are Divine by nature. We simply need to drop any beliefs to the contrary. That is what this work is all about. It's not what we add, it’s what we take away. The more we drop our limiting beliefs, the more we heal. The more we heal, the more we can evolve. What I offer you is healing for your evolution. It is our destiny to evolve. In that evolution we recognize that what we are searching for is in fact what we have been searching with.



I don’t know what our evolved state will look like but I believe we are ready for that evolutionary leap. If we all have the ability to do all the things that a few of us are manifesting then there is nothing that can stand in our way. Imagine everyone opening to and fully utilizing their latent psychic abilities. Imagine everyone awakening to their one-ness with the Universe and the Divine. Imagine everyone recognizing the God-force within themselves. Imagine all that and you’ll begin to connect with the powerful future that I see for mankind.

We are all manifestations of the Divine and are therefore Divine by nature. By joining together and holding that awareness of ourselves and recognizing it in others, we learn to think, act and feel connected to all that is. As we begin to feel connected, our lives change because rather than fighting against each other, we learn to work together for our greater good. In working together, we experience synergy; we get a product which is greater than and different from the sum of its individual parts. I invite you to join me and to experience the uniqueness that our combined energies will manifest. Every session will therefore always be unique, dynamic and powerful…and ultimately Divine. I look forward to our journey together. 


                      "The Supreme Self, the still center of your own being, holds you together when all else is failing apart.
                  Good and bad swirl around it like children swinging around a maypole, but the center holds fast."

                - Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

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