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We all come into our mortal existences to learn lessons and to assist in the evolution of our souls and our species. With each birth, we are given the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and successes of our past lives. For most of us, this occurs on a very unconscious level. There are those among us that are here to continue their learning as well as to help bring forth information to assist with the evolution of our species and to assist in healing the planet. Our planet and its inhabitants are at a critical point in their journey, much healing is required and many healers are required to assist in the process.

It is my goal to assist you in achieving your divine purpose for incarnating, to enable you to be of service to others and to live a peaceful existence. As part of that goal, I am here to help bring forth the Light needed for healing you, me and the planet. This Light, or Reiki, has the ability to transform lives and free us from the dis-ease (the absence of ease) that prevents us from reaching our fullest potential. From as early in my life as I can remember, I have dreamt of being a healer and knew it was my destiny. Aided with the power of Reiki, my spiritual practice and my focused intention, that dream is now being realized. I see how everything in my life has led me to this point and now I feel a responsibility to assist others on their journey.



In 1999, I took a trip to India with a friend to see one of Indiaís most revered Avatars, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. To prepare for the trip, my friend gave me a video called "Aura of Divinity". It was a documentary on Sai Baba created by PBS in 1979. It is so powerful that I transcribed it and am including it on my site. Click HERE to read it. By simply being in his presence, he activated something within me that had long been dormant. When he looked at me, I believe he called forth my inner healer and forever changed my life. Shortly after returning, I left my job and a 16-year career in data processing to travel the world and "find myself."

In early 2000, I began a five-month travel experience. While I was in Australia I took a course called "The Melchizedek Method". This training was about learning to activate my Lightbody and using the "Hologram of Love Merkaba". According to "The Keys of Enoch", the Merkaba is an interdimensional counter-clockwise rotational vehicle of Light, Spirit and Body. While that sounds pretty out-there, the basis of the training is activating the Merkaba for healing work based upon it being composed of unconditional love. In essence, it creates a space where healing can occur at all levels.



In January of 2001 I decided to deepen my yoga practice and become an Integral Yoga instructor. The instructor training was a month long intensive held at a remote retreat in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. During this training, I injured my back. One of the other students gave me a Reiki treatment and I was actually able to feel the energy flowing into me. This was unusual for me since I was skeptical about energy work at the time. I knew from that moment that I had to learn how to channel this energy as well.

Shortly after returning from the Yoga training, I received my Level I attunement from a Seattle Reiki Master, Barbara McDaniel. This allowed so many amazing experiences to enter my life and confirmed for me that I was indeed on the right path. I knew almost immediately that I was destined to become a Reiki Master because it would allow me to bring two passions in my life togetherÖhealing and teaching. A year later I received my Level II attunement from Barbara. In October of 2004, I reached my goal and was attuned to the Master Level by a wonderful woman from Oregon named Mary Grace. In August of 2007, I took the next step on my Reiki path and was attuned as a Karuna Reikiģ Master.

Also as a result of the Yoga training, I was guided to begin a course of study with the Self-Realization Fellowship founded by Paramahansa Yogananda. The teachings are an ancient yogic system known as Kriya Yoga. This three and a half year course teaches meditation techniques and a system for right living. This course has deepened my understanding of life, living and the afterlife.



In July of 2003, I began a Vision Quest under the guidance of a local Ojibwa Shaman called SilverWolf. A Vision Quest is a Shamanic initiation ceremony. While the actual ceremony lasted only one week, the Vision continues to unfold for four years afterwards. In this ceremony I learned that I sit upon many paths and that I am supposed to bring parts from each path together to develop the healing work that I incarnated to do. The work Iím currently doing is a manifestation of the teachings from all the paths.

The Native Americans teach that we all carry "medicine". When we follow these teachings and learn about our medicines, we can then use them to heal ourselves and others. These medicines are shared when we do healing work together. If I carry medicine that your spirit needs, when we spend time with each other, you can be healed by that medicine...and vice-versa. Itís like taking aspirin. It stops the headache but you donít become aspirin.



All my life I've been clairsentient but never understood it until I began doing healing work. This gift means that I can psychically sense what is needed and use my intuition to guide me in bringing that forth. I rely on that guidance, assistance from my spirit guides and from the guides that surround my clients to create each session specifically for each client. I also rely on my intuition to help me determine who I should and should not work with.

I am experienced in finding and filling the needs of those I work with. My spiritual practices of Reiki, Tantra, shamanism and Yoga have given me the base for the work I do. My training in energy usage and body mechanics have given me some of the tools that I use. My innate sense of touch, intuitive guidance and practical experience empower me with an ability to use the healing gift of touch and the power of Reiki to bring forth transformative experiences in those I work with.

Thank you for taking the time to read the information contained in my site. May the powerful Reiki energies shower you with healing love and may you always be guided to your highest good.


"The Sun, the Moon, the Stars, and all the lights that you can imagine in the entire external world are but fragments of that one great Light that is within you. It is the Light of knowledge, the Light of discrimination, the Light of understanding, the Light of life, the Light of sharing and love, the Light of Being that you are.  "Thou art that." "
- Swami Rama

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