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The basis of my work is dealing with the bodyís energy system. Various philosophies use different names for it but they all describe the same thing. For example, what we in America think of as our "energy", the Japanese call it "ki", the Chinese call it "chi", the yogiís call it "prana" and various religions call it "light". Different names from different cultures but they all label the same thing. They all refer to the individualized, intelligent life-force present within all living beings. This is the life-force that animates, nourishes and supports us. The following information uses terms based upon the Yogic/Hindu philosophy because it is the system I am most familiar with and therefore use.

Our physical body is surrounded by our energy bodies. These various energy bodies are what hold the pattern for our physical body. Our physical bodies are just the densest manifestations of these energy bodies. The energy moves about in our physical bodies through energy channels known as "nadis". These nadis arenít physical in nature but are simply energy pathways.

Encased within the spine is the main energy pathway known as the Sushumna. Two main nadis crisscross along our spine and are called the Ida and the Pingala. The Ida is the ascending (or feminine) energy pathway and the Pingala is the descending (or masculine) pathway. In the places where these pathways intersect are the chakras. Energy travels between the chakras via the Sushumna

Chakras are the energy centers connected to the physical body that allow us to receive and transmit energy to and from the Universe via our energy bodies. Each center serves a different function and is connected with various organs throughout the body (see partial lists below). Each chakra is also associated with a color that has a vibration that most closely matches that of the chakra.

1st is Root Chakra

          • Location: Base of spine
          • Color: Red
          • Element: Earth
          • Brings lifeforce into the body
          • Associated with the survival instinct (personal and species survival) and self-preservation
          • Controls: kidneys, adrenals, spinal column, colon

2nd is Sacral Chakra

          • Location: Lower abdomen below navel
          • Color: Orange
          • Element: Water
          • Center for instincts and sexual expression
          • Helps us to assimilate food
          • Controls: Sexual organs, genitals, bladder and spleen

3rd is Solar Plexus Chakra

          • Location: Above navel, below ribs
          • Color: Yellow
          • Element: Fire
          • Center of personal power
          • Aids digestion, metabolism, nervous system, helps us to work with will power and personal power and deal with authority figures in our lives
          • Controls: Pancreas, gall bladder, nervous system, liver and stomach

4th is Heart Chakra

          • Location: Center of chest
          • Color: Green
          • Element: Air
          • Center for matters of the heart and emotions
          • Where we deal with emotional issues and different aspects of love (giving, receiving, acquiring and losing), balancing emotions and working with acceptance of issues in our lives
          • Controls: Heart, thoracic area, lungs and circulation

5th is Throat Chakra

          • Location: Base of throat
          • Color: Sky Blue
          • Element: Ether
          • Communication center for all types of communication and vibrations
          • Deals with issues of expression in speech, thought and writing
          • Controls: Glands in throat and mouth, upper respiratory system

6th is Brow or 3rd Eye Chakra

          • Location: Center of forehead
          • Color: Purple
          • Element: the Cosmos
          • Psychic center
          • Aids with vision of different aspects of our lives
          • Affects dreams, imagination, intuition, concentration, wisdom and factors affecting our perception
          • Controls: Upper glands, facial region, eyes, nose and ears

7th is Crown Chakra

          • Location: Top of head
          • Color: White
          • Element: the Cosmos
          • Spiritual center
          • Area where we can create a link to our higher-self and spirit guides, where we become one with the universe and where our spiritual being connects with our physical being
          • Controls: Head and brain

These are the seven major chakras associated with the body but there are additional chakras located above and below the physical body. There are also many minor chakras within the physical body but the main ones I work with during our session are those in the palms and the bottom of the feet.



The instinct to survive as a species pulls us toward sexual activity. For many, this results in reproduction. Individually we may not believe this is our reason for having children but the species survival instinct is incredibly powerful. This can be witnessed by simply observing the problem of over-population that our planet is currently experiencing. This "creative" energy comes in through our root chakra because that is the chakra that connects us to the planet and our survival instincts. In men, energy coming in this chakra often (but not always) results in an erection.



When we pull this sexual energy into our system rather than expelling it through a quick orgasm, it moves up the Sushumna and enters our second, or sacral, chakra. The second chakra is home to our sexual expression. When energy flows into the sacral chakra, we begin to express our sexuality. The energy now becomes more erotic. Our erotic body awakens and expresses itself. We feel sexier. We seek touch, intimacy and passion.

To court this energy, we connect with the things that excite our bodies, stimulate them and that make us feel good. By using the whole body for pleasure and not just the sex organs, we draw this energy deeper into our system. By learning to express ourselves sexually, by being honest with our desires, by recognizing any limitations that we put on that pleasure, we learn about ourselves. The more we learn about ourselves, the more we learn about our true power.



The Solar Plexus chakra is the center of personal identity. It is the seat of the ego, and develops in our teens and is anchored by our early twenties. The Solar Plexus chakra rules all aspects of our personality and ego, especially our sense of self-worth, self-esteem and personal identity. This energy center also influences self-confidence and degrees of personal power, as well as freedom of choice. Ultimately it helps us choose what and who are for our highest good.

By exploring life and all that it has to offer, we begin to understand what does and does not work for us. This knowledge is power. This knowledge allows you to know if something is enjoyable for you rather than just thinking it is or always wondering if it might be. This knowledge contributes to your self-confidence. Pulling energy into this chakra opens us to our own power.



This chakra located between the lower three (or earthly) chakras and the upper three (or heavenly) chakras. This is why it is referred to as the "Heart center". This chakra is the center of our emotional self and the place where we first truly experience love. This can be familial, social or romantic love. The emotion of love is the same for all of them. The difference is in how it is expressed or, sadly, repressed.

Because this center is so connected to emotions, it is also the center where some of our deepest hurts, or wounds, can reside. When we arenít getting the love we feel we deserve often our tendency is to shut down emotionally. This only exacerbates the situation. When we shut down emotionally, we shut out life and all the beautiful, healing experiences it has to offer us.

What I offer you in our time together is Unconditional Love and respect. I hold the space for you to feel completely loved and accepted in the time we are together without putting conditions or expectations on that time. The world and the people in it can be harsh. I offer a brief refuge from that during our time together.



The throat chakra is the first energetic center that differentiates man from all other life forms because of the power of speech. This single human attribute gives us the power to express ourselves on every level of experience. To honor this gift fully, we are asked to consciously commit to expressing our truth and sing the song of individuality clearly and with integrity. To do so truly serves our spirits.

By drawing on our personal power in the Solar Plexus chakra (which is the throat chakraís complimentary chakra) and expressing our desires, those desires can be met. Thus the axiom "Ask and ye shall receive". If we simply go through life or our experiences only hoping that weíll get what we need, it probably wonít happen. There is no guarantee that by expressing those desires, that they will manifest, but the odds are far greater that they will if we can communicate them clearly.



The brow chakra provides the energy for us to experience clear and concise thoughts, as well as the gifts of spiritual reflection and inner contemplation. It holds the roots for psychological maturity as well as ethical and philosophical principles.

When we pull energy into this center, we awaken our psychic gifts and abilities. We tap into all those experiences beyond the physical and truly begin to understand our reason for being and all that we are capable of. This center helps us to get in touch with our spirit guides and our interconnectedness. We truly are all connected and this center helps us begin to contemplate that connection.



The crown chakra reaches the heights of spirituality. It connects us with our indelible and permanent divinity and is the source of all healing in the human energy system. The chakras act as a ladder to love, spirituality and healing from the base energy of the Root chakra, which anchors us in life, to the more refined spiritual energy of the Crown chakra. Like all other energy centers in the human energy system, the Crown chakra exists as a vestigial core of potential until it is activated.



When fully functioning the nadis and chakras supply our bodies with energy and good health results. However, the nadis and chakras can become blocked. Since they are energetic, they get blocked by energy. These blockages occur from emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and physical trauma. When these blockages occur, the prana isnít able to circulate to all the organs associated with that particular chakra. When this happens, dis-ease results.

For instance, letís say that youíve adopted the (false) belief that "sex is bad". This could have come from your parents, church, society or from an unpleasant or painful experience. Given this belief, you begin to avoid sex, even fear it. You consciously choose to block that energy. This energy is connected to the root and sacral chakras and so a blockage may form because of this limiting belief. Perhaps this causes the prana (life-force) to not flow fully through these chakras and results, for men, in the inability to achieve and sustain an erection.

This issue might cause you to go see a western medicine doctor who prescribes some sort of medication to help you get an erection when you do choose to express yourself sexually. Of course, this medication might have side effects like increased blood pressure. This puts a strain on your heart. Eventually that strain causes heart problems and now you have blockages in the heart chakra. Perhaps you canít feel love now because love might lead to sex and that hits your wound ("sex is bad"). The best way to not feel love is to not think about it, so now you limit your thoughts.

Little by little you set up barriers in your life, blockages to your energy system and the body starts to break down and dis-ease results and the cycle continues. All that started because of a belief that sex is bad. Medicine canít fix that.

The energy system is just like a house. If the foundation is strong, the house is supported. If the foundation crumbles, the house will fall. If we canít feel safe in the world and connected to it, it is difficult to find success, meditate or follow a spiritual path (activities associated with the higher chakras).




I hope this bit of information on each of the chakras is at least enough to help you become aware of their existence and purpose. There is an unlimited supply of information on them in bookstores and on the web. While I donít consider myself an expert on the chakras, I do have additional information on working with specific chakras to clear, activate and strengthen them and am happy to work with you on this. In helping to make your foundation strong, I am assisting you on your evolutionary journey and helping you to accomplish your Divine purpose for manifesting.



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