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In these sessions you will be asked to simply relax on the padded massage table and I’ll do the rest from there. You are asked to wear loose fitting, comfortable, warm clothes. I do not provide any type of clothing for you to change into. You are welcome to bring a change of clothes with you to the session to ensure your comfort. Clothing that pinches or binds the body inhibits the flow of energy. I can also cover you with a blanket if you’d prefer to simply remove any binding clothing to the level you are comfortable with. I will be fully clothed during the session unless you request otherwise.



I will have candles lit and soft music playing throughout the session. I have an eye-pillow for your use if you’d like that to help your eyes relax and shut out any extra light. The more relaxed you are physically, the more open your energy system becomes. I realize that the first time you go to a new person for bodywork that there is a certain amount of nervousness simply from dealing with an unknown person. We will begin our session by spending as much time as needed discussing your situation, what you hope to accomplish with our work together and answering any questions you may have. By the time you get on the table, we will have established enough of a connection that hopefully you will be able to relax more fully.

My experience with doing this type of healing work has shown that it’s somewhere around the third session that the clients begin to “feel” something noticably shift. While the same basic techniques are used in every session, it isn’t until you become comfortable and trusting enough with me that you can fully open to the experience. Like anything else, once your body accepts and understands these energies, the more it opens to them as well and is able to maximize your time with me. Finally, as your issues begin to heal, the limiting beliefs begin to disappear. These are beliefs which prevent you from recognizing these new energies moving within your own body. It is, like most things in life, a process and one that evolves in its own time.

In a regular session with me, I use any/all of the techniques listed below. Details on each technique can be found on the TECHNIQUES page.

          • Reiki (Usui and Karuna)
          • Melchizedek Method
          • Matrix Energetics
          • Quantum Touch
          • Body-Mind Connection
          • Alchemy
          • Shamanism

Rate: $150 per session. A typical session is 90 - 120 minutes. 


"Strive for the happiness, the joy of all others, as earnestly as you strive for your own; strive for the peace of the world, as diligently as you strive for your own. That is true divinity, that is true humanity." 

                                                                -  Sathya Sai Baba

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