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Below are references to books, web sites and movies that I have found to be very informative or at least enjoyable. I hope you’ll take the time to do further research into the areas I have touched on throughout this site. Trust your intuition and I’m certain it will lead you to the information you need most in exactly the sequence you need it, at exactly the time you require it. I hope this site, it’s information and these references give you knowledge that you can build upon. I hope it also encourages you to schedule a session with me and allow us to work together. By the way, I receive no compensation from any of these, I just list them because I believe in them.

Namaste (The teacher in me bows to the teacher in you)

"I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides, I honor the place in you of Love, of Light, of Truth, of Peace. I honor the place in you where if you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, there is only one of us."

                                                                                  -  Gandhi



=> "A Handbook of Chakra Healing – Spiritual practice for health, harmony and inner peace" by Kalashatra Govinda
This book contains some wonderful exercises for working directly with the chakras to clear, activate and strengthen them.


=> "The book of Chakras – Discover the hidden forces within you" by Ambika Wauters
This one is loaded with information on how the chakras affect our bodies and our lives.


=> "You can heal your life" by Louise L. Hay
This is one of the most powerful books I think I've come across. Louise uses exercises to help you understand and clear the root emotional causes of dis-ease. She helps you uncover and release limiting beliefs and teaches you how to listen to your body and understand the information it is giving us. There isn't anyone who couldn't benefit from reading this book. It's that powerful.


=> "The Heart of Meditation - Pathways to a deeper experience" by Swami Durgananda
For those wanting to develop or deepen their meditation practice this book can be a powerful tool. Swami Durgananda gives you lots of simple, yet incredibly powerful exercises to help you find a meditation that is right for you. She helps you understand and work with the mind and the power within it. This is a great book for beginners and experienced meditators alike.


=> "Seat of the Soul" and "Heart of the Soul" by Gary Zukav
Both of these books are incredibly powerful. They are intense and loaded with information that will take a couple of reads to fully digest. These aren't light beach time reading but for those wanting a deeper understanding of our experience here, karma and reincarnation, these are the books for you. They are certainly mind-expanding.




=> Barbara Marx Hubbard www.evolve.org
Barbara is the main inspiration for the work I do. Her vision for what lies ahead for the human race is so powerful and exciting. She believes that humans are about to undergo an “evolutionary leap” and that we are the first species to have the ability to recognize it and consciously evolve. This belief is based upon her review of our history, both recent and ancient. Many of us are already feeling that evolutionary pull, myself included, and by understanding it and inviting that energy in, she believes we can more easily make the transition.

=> Louise L. Hay www.louisehay.com
Louise is a master at explaining the mind-body relationship. She is the author of "You Can Heal Your Life" (see Books above).


=> Tom Kenyon www.tomkenyon.com
Tom is a sound healer and channel for the Hathors (information on who they are is on his site). He is a brilliant lecturer, teacher and healer. I discovered his work when my Reiki Master gifted me with a copy of his “White Gold Alchemy” CD some years ago. Check out his site and be sure to click on “Hathors” and read their messages.


=> Paramhansa Yogananda - www.Yogananda-srf.org

For those seeking spiritual guidance on the Yoga path, read Yoganadas book "Autobiography of a Yogi" and if that resonates with you, then check this website to sign up for the at home study course. It's a 3 1/2 year course on meditation and right living as taught by the Kriya Yoga path.


=> Christopher Emmer www.exmarksthespot.com
Christopher is an amazing psychic and someone who is a very knowledgeable about the Mayan calendar and the impact its use can have on our lives.

=> "Peace in the Water" Project

Peace in the Water Ambassador
This beautiful site is by those dedicated to helping to the whales and dolphins through a combined consciousness experience.



=> "What the BLEEP do we know" and "What the BLEEP II - Down the Rabbit Hole"
These movies are so jam packed with information about the brain, quantum physics, science and metaphysics that you'll need to watch them over and over to get it all. I've watched the first one 5 times (the second one 3 times) so far and have gotten new things from it everytime. They're a "must see" for anyone looking for meaning beyond what we can see and touch. They'll blow you away...guaranteed.

=> "IMAX - Blue Planet"
Our planet is such an amazing place but humans are the biggest threat. This shows what’s happening to our beautiful home with movies from outer space. This is a great movie to pair up with "Cosmic Voyage". They’re both relatively short (less than 40 minutes each). Watch this one first and then leave the planet with Voyage. Together we can all heal the Mother before she decides to clean house…and she will, history has proven that.

=> "IMAX - Cosmic Voyage"
This movie was obviously created for the IMAX theater but it's still powerful even on your TV. They have used scientific data and computer imagery to create a movie showing what it might look like to leave our planet and travel thousands of light years away. Then they take the reverse and show what it would look like if we could travel down into the inside of DNA. It's only about 36 minutes long but it's breath taking to watch. It's humbling to see just what a tiny dot we are in an ever expanding and evolving Universe. This movie is a stunning visual experience and a delight to watch.

=> "Genesis"
This movie is very powerful. It uses a Yogic perspective to explain creation. For those wounded by the Bible, this is a great movie to see because it shows how "Genesis" from the Bible can be seen as the metaphorical vehicle that it was intended to be to explain the unexplainable mystery of creation. This movie has some amazing footage in it and a powerful story to boot. Like the IMAX movies above, it's a visual spectacle.

=> "The Secret"
"The Secret" is a powerful movie. There are some very basic concepts in there that are actually quite powerful. This is an easy movie to watch because it’s really focused on one concept. It’s worth the 5 bucks to watch the movie and to learn about the secret. As with most secrets, it’s not really a secret, just something most of us miss constantly. The website allows you to watch the movie (90 minutes for $4.95) or order the DVD. Click on the following link to watch the free preview before you purchase the movie.


=> Spiritual Counselor/Psychic/Tarot Readings
ThunderCloud is the leader of the shamanic drumming community which I’m a part of. He does Tarot readings using a deck of cards which he created. He’s been doing these counseling’s for over 20 years and you can almost set your calendar by the information he presents to you. His incredibly accurate readings typically cover the upcoming six month period. He was voted
“Best of Seattle - Psychics” by Seattle Metropolitan Magazine (July 2008). His rates are 40 dollars for a 20+ minute reading and it’s worth every penny and more. On Friday and Saturday from 11am to 5pm, he is at Tenzing Momo in Pike’s Market. If you go for a reading, make sure you take a recorder or at the very least a note pad because you won’t want to miss a drop of information. Tell him Pinto sent you.


"Before accepting the beliefs of others as truth, check in with your emtions. If your emotion is positive, take on the belief as your own. If it is negative, simply release the thought. Positive emotions are your indiciation that you are in alignment with your own Inner Being."
- Eva

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